Screen Time Is Bad

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From phones to cars, electronics are quickly becoming a large part of today’s society. Children as young as ten are walking down the sidewalk carrying the latest iPhone, and laptops are mandatory at many schools across America, even though too much screen time can be dangerous to their growth. Because electronics such as phones, TV’s, computers, and more play such a major role in society, risks like health problems, decreased socialization, and electronic addiction are overlooked - which is why screen time should be limited for children. Health problems surface when children are on electronics for too long. Studies reveal that when put in front of a screen for long periods of time, a child’s retina cells can be severely damaged. Because retina cells cannot be replaced, this causes permanent eye problems (Sathiraboot). Not only does it damage one’s retinas, but staring at a screen for an hour straight or longer can cause the eyes to strain, resulting in headaches that range from mild to extreme. Sleep schedule is interrupted as well by electronics. Spending large amounts of time on electronics can be very damaging to a developing body. Children have become so attached to their…show more content…
Children can easily spend hours on their phone without even realizing, stealing their day from them. 80% of children admit to checking their phones hourly, which is eerily similar to symptoms of addiction (Wallace). Parents tend to agree that their children are addicted to their phones, and most of the children themselves agree as well. Simply setting a limit on screen time can help put a stop to this addiction. One looks at his phone for an average of 75% of the time they’re walking (Hampton). Electronics causes children to pay more attention to a screen than the world around them. Some won’t even bother to take their eyes off their phone long enough to cross a road. Electronic addiction is a problem that can be avoided by
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