Limit On Screen Time Essay

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Have you ever taken into consideration, how much screen time is too much? Well the American Academy of Pediatrics or the AAP has done studies and had shown that there should be a limit on screen time and the limit should be two hours on electronics a day at max. After reading and examining their sources on screen time you can very easily identify that children are starting to use electronics a lot more than they should for non-educational purposes. This can lead to many bad things in the child's future so the American Academy of Pediatrics decided to step in and suggest that all kids and teens should have a two hour screen limit. This can be very beneficial for children and teens in a variety of ways but, just to show that the AAP's suggestion of having a two hour screen limit is beneficial is that one, children are beginning to lack in the ability to be able to read emotions on people's faces. Two, it's beginning to take away childrens and teens social skills. And lastly, less than half of the kids from ages two to ten use electronics for educational purposes that involve learning of any sort. The first reason stated why the American…show more content…
This is very bad for kids because this can cause an over use of electronics and as stated above if children use electronics too much they may lose their natural ability to read faces and also another thing that an overuse of electronics can cause is lead to loss in social skills. Now according to the American Academy of Pediatrics it's okay to use electronics two hours a day, but when you start abusing electronics as we are doing to this day that's when the bad starts to come. But as long as they are used in a proper manner and not like how we are using electronics
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