Screw Happiness By Rebecca Traister Analysis

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After reading “Screw happiness” from Rebecca Traister, we can realize that she establishes really good points about how she has experience from her personal experience about happiness toward the woman. How she had search and see every woman around her environment does something different to achieve something called “Happiness” but although every woman tells her something new about achieving her goal of happiness by doing something which is culturally thought to be “typical”, etc. However, while nowadays we believe to know what can bring happiness to the woman. We still have to inquire ourselves if woman need perfection, have formula to achieve happiness and self-improvement. As all human being, women wasn’t born to be perfect. Perfectionism toward them has been…show more content…
This formula could be apply to our daily lives without notice; nevertheless, in terms of applying them to the woman pursuit of happiness there is a chance that it won’t work out for women. Trying to follow what has been taught from somebody else or just following somebody else mistake and learn from them won’t has the result that we may be waiting to achieve pure happiness. The most common formula or typical is the one know as got to college, graduate, get married, get a house, car and kids. Personally I strongly believe that this shouldn’t be the formula for happiness because in “Screw Happiness” Rebecca Traister explained about how she met people that did this “formula of happiness” and weren’t happy or even people doing the opposite wasn’t happier neither. On the other hand is true that for some people it has work, but there isn’t any formula for women to reach happiness. Happiness is only a moment in our life and woman shouldn’t follow any formula of it, instead they should trail the philosophy of doing what they love, like and enjoy to achieve

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