Scribe America Research Paper

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Having volunteered with a hospital (Loma Linda Murrieta) that utilized Scribe America scribes, I saw firsthand the expectations and responsibilities of a Scribe America scribe. I also saw how the job was serving as a major stepping stone to many of the scribes overall healthcare career. I want to be a Scribe America scribe firstly because I have seen firsthand what the scribes can do to aid the physicians and what the scribes gained from it, such as strong work relations, education, and experience but also because I have an immense amount of respect for the company.
One of the reasons why I have an immense amount of respect for the company is because of the opportunities it provides its scribes, but also because I saw first-hand the treatment the scribes received. What impressed me about Scribe America’s treatment was the work that went into cultivating a positive and enthusiastic work environment for the scribes and chief’s scribes. When I volunteered with the hospital concierge we could hear the team meeting and the enthusiasm that came from the leadership and the scribes.
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I see this job as an opportunity for constant interaction with experienced providers in the field like physicians and PAs. This constant interaction, I believe could use as a way to establish rapport and formulate invaluable professional relationships. Relationships I hope that would have the temperament of a mentor-student relationship, mentorship to someone such as myself, who has been searching for that type leadership, in addition to the provider-scribe relationship. I see myself attaining these types of relationship by becoming a scribe America
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