Scripture Quotation In Marital Relationship

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KJV Scripture quotations marked KJV are from the Holy Bible, King James Version (Authorized Version). First published in 1611. Quoted from the KJV Classic Reference Bible, Copyright © 1983 by The Zondervan Corporation. INTRODUCTION In marital relationship, you really need to take all the factors below into serious considerations. (a) Do not be hopeless: No matter the situation in life, never lose hope. Your answer lies in the hope in you. The mate you have lost hope of will never come to you. Keep hope alive through what you see in your mind, think about your man, your wedding day, that home you desire and before you know it, hope is kindle. (b) Improve on your manners: Do you know that you can say the right thing at the wrong time and,…show more content…
a. Mutual Trust: Intimacy will help you to know yourself and trust yourself. b. Absence of Assumptions: Assumptions is what destroys friendship, and relationships. You do not have all the facts, you are thinking, beginning to word, you do not even have to talk when you know her very well. What are necessary are, head nodding, tapping eye contacts, and gesture. c. Tenderness : In your approach or talking, there should be no harsh words, love can be seen, you are polite. Tenderness must be boldly written all over you. Sometime you disagrees, you lock yourself in the room, spoke, talk and start to laugh. That will be the end. Never allow third party, in your marriage. Don’t even call your mum, when situation arises, please, be matured, face your fear. Never you thought as a man in your mind that your wife is planning to hurt you. Success in marriage is more of taking responsibilities. Men are last minute They applies last minute approach to issues. Men likes it, and that’s the way they are. The man is aggressive, he’s on the move, putting every thing together, God does what is good. d. Open Communication: Try to communicate openly. Speak to one another, discuss issues together, your wife has a right to know what you are…show more content…
Apologies: Accepting you are wrong, when you are wrong. Say “I’m sorry,” when necessary, it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strenght. It means the person is in control of his or her emotions. Men can make mistake, when you discover, you may miscalculate. Say I’m sorry, please forgive me! g. Forgiveness: Once you apologies, please forgive. We are human going towards perfections. Hindrances to Developing Intimacy a. Pride: This comes in when you are trying to prove that you are right. You are breaking the status, background when you think you are doing some body a favor by marrying him or her you are getting it wrong. b. Anger: You are angry, when you begin to over react on the negative side of an issue. You car, television, and smash it, break all the unbreakable in the kitchen, pour acid on your wife, or her clothing. Wife torn ₦50,000 = cash belonging to the husband into shreds. Put all the husband’s clothing in the gutter? Father in-law

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