Scrooge And Jane Eyre Comparison Essay

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We all have comparisons and contrasts between individuals we are around.The first two instances occurred when St.John Rivers proposed to Jane Eyre and then Eyre denied the proposal. A similar circumstance occurred in a Christmas Carol where Scrooge’s lover, Belle also denied his love. As mentioned both had their own ambitions. In turn their ambitions for greater power metaphorically ended up consuming them with greed.
On the other hand, in St. John’s case, he’s not content with his local ministry and desired to be a politician, poet, or anything that offered him fame, power, and glory. He could not have those specific powerful positions, so as a result he composed a different solution: become a missionary. The weakness in this faithful sentiment was his lack of compassion for those he was helping. He did not exhibit a passion for his work, but just worked for that good-hearted status symbol. Jane knew that by accepting his proposal that there would be no passion or love between them because his heart would not be in the right place. In a like manner, in Stave I of a Christmas Carol his wife called off her engagement to Scrooge because she sensed that his heart changed for the worst. She only knew he would care about the money that came in.
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In Jane Eyre, Jane thought St.John was a great man, perhaps almost “perfect”, but soon detected a restlessness and hardness under his placid features. Jane formed her descriptions in these two fashions: “he is no longer flesh, but marble” and “(made) of “stone or metal”. Belle, Scrooge's wife states, “ Another idol has displaced me; and if it can cheer and comfort you in time to come, as I would have tried to do, I have no just cause to grieve.” Scrooge then chimes in and asks “ What Idol has displaced you?” And the answer comes out as “ a golden one.” Belle also realizes that Scrooge has developed a “hard
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