Scrooge Changes In A Christmas Carol

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Have you ever heard of someone being mean and selfish to being someone kind and giving? Well in the play “A Christmas Carol” By Israel Horovitz, A grumpy old miser living in the city of London He was greedy and selfish and only cared about money. He hated Christmas and he thought it was a waste of money. Now this is the story of how Scrooge's life changed. One day on Christmas Eve, His nephew Fred, came to Scrooge’s workplace He came to ask Scrooge if Scrooge wanted to celebrate christmas with his family and wish him a merry christmas, Scrooge said no like he always does and goes back to work after that he told his nephew to leave after he left Cratchit the coworker, was asking for christmas off scrooge said yes but, Cratchit has to come early to work early on the morning after christmas. Scrooge went home and he was visited by Marley Scrooge's only friend that passed away, Marley said that Scrooge had to change into a better person or else he will be wearing a heavy and long chain in his afterlife. Then Marley sent three spirits to change Scrooge’s future, the three spirits are, The Ghost of Christmas past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and The Ghost of Christmas Future. That night he was visited by The Ghost of Christmas Past, He brang Scrooge to see himself when he when he was a little boy. It shows little boy Scrooge being…show more content…
The Ghost of Christmas Present brang Scrooge to the Cratchit’s house. Scrooge saw the whole Cratchit's family celebrating Christmas. Scrooge heard them talk about Tiny Tim and saw him with crutches he knew that Tiny Tim wouldn't live long Scrooge feared that Tiny Tim wouldn't live so he thought to himself that he had to do something. After The Ghost of Christmas Present then sent Scrooge to his nephew’s house, Scrooge's nephew Fred was talking with his wife about Scrooge, about how he allowed them to have a laugh on Christmas Eve and gave him a
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