Scrooge Differences Between Book And Movie

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I think the movie version is better than the book. The reason for this is because the movie has a lot more character than the book does. You get to see what the characters look like, while the book doesn’t give a good description of the people in the book at all. You can feel the mood better in the movie because of all of the extra things, like the lightning and fog, to capture the mood. Some similarities I found in both the movie and the book is that Scrooge says, “Bah! Hummbug.”. I also found that Scrooge is the same Christmas hater in the book and in the movie. Scrooge is visited by the same three spirits in the movie and book. You can’t forget that runs a business in both the movie and the book. Some differences that I found is that in the book, the first spirit had the cap under its arm, while in the movie, the cap was in its hand. Another difference I found is that in the movie, in the scene where Scrooge is taken to the past to see a boy abandoned by his friends and alone in the school reading, Scrooge didn’t weep for him. But in the book, Scrooge cried for the boy. When the first spirit disappeared in the movie, Scrooge was fighting a carpet, while in the book, Scrooge woke up in his bed.…show more content…
I liked the movie better than the book. Reason being is because it was easier to feel the mood in the movie. It was harder to understand the mood in the book than it was in the
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