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A Christmas Carol has many themes, however, one stands out from the others. “What goes around comes around” appears to be a big part of this story, and is very important. The main character, Scrooge, goes on a journey, looking at his past, present, and future. Scrooge sees how he’s affected others, from their point of view. The theme, “What goes around comes around”, fits in with this because, Scrooge witnesses how his actions have affected others. For example, his employee, Bob Cratchit, doesn’t get treated well, or paid enough, by Scrooge. As a result, he sees how hard Cratchit’s life is, “His active little crutch was heard upon the floor, and back came Tiny Tim before another word was spoken, escorted by his brother and sister to his stool…show more content…
“Somebody was fool enough to do it, but I took it off again. If calico an’t good enough for such a purpose, it isn’t good enough for anything. It’s quite as becoming to the body. He can’t look uglier than he did in that one.” Scrooge listened to this dialogue in horror.” People gather and talk (and even laugh) about how bad a person Scrooge was. The theme fits in here because, Scrooge was a grumpy, selfish person, and as a result, people don’t remember, or talk about him well after he’s dead. Scrooge is shocked by how badly his actions end up being, and how bad the effect is. ““Spirit!” said Scrooge, shuddering from head to foot. “I see, I see. The case of this unhappy man might be my own. My life tends that way, now. Merciful Heaven, what is this!”” In conclusion, the theme “What goes around comes around”, is the best moral for this story because Scrooge spends the book seeing how his actions affect others in the long run. A Christmas Carol uses this theme by showing the results of Scrooge's actions, and, once again, enforcing the theme “What goes around comes
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