Scrooge In Great Expectations

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Stave One, Dickens uses a lot of different quotes and conversations to tell the readers how Scrooge really is, most of these quotes are found in the first few pages and describe how much of a horrible, cold hearted person Scrooge is. Scrooge is described as 'hard and sharp as a flint, ' flint is a type of sedimentary rock with a glossy and waxy appearance and inside it 's usually dark grey. Dickens has used this quote to describe Scrooge as an inanimate object and get the effect what he was like, it also describes the same appearance to scrooge that he was hard on other people and wouldn 't show people his true emotions. Another example of Scrooge being described to an object is 'self-contained, and as solitary as a oyster ' this is a simile which is suggesting that Scrooge was a secretive person, who kept himself to himself and he didn 't like to show others how he felt or what problems he was going through. Even when he got to know them he never shared any of his life or past with them, because he probably didn 't want them to know how lonely of a child he was and how his imagination slowly become smaller over his adult years, as all he…show more content…
"When I pay a days wages for no work". Scrooge said this while talking about christmas to the clerk who asked if he could have christmas day off, to which Scrooge said no. Scrooge 's attitude to the poor is based on the common stereotype; poor people are always begging for money, which isn 't always true but Scrooge believed it. In the Victorian era, many Victorians had the same attitudes as Scrooge to the poor, they both disliked them as they always "begged for money" or made a show of their un-wealthy-ness and it made others feel sympathetic enough to donate them money and Scrooge disliked this. Victorian Britain had a huge increase in population. Thousands of skilled and unskilled people started looking for work. For many of those who were employed, their wages were hardly enough. Often 15-20% of people were
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