Scrooge In Paulo Coelho's A Christmas Carol

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Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian lyricist, and novelist, once acknowledged, “Everything which is done in the present, affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption.” Most people these days rely on the past to predict the future. Unfortunately, some people rely on the present as well. Regrettably, in the play, A Christmas Carol, the main character, Scrooge, a self-centered man, made regretful decisions in his past which affected his present. Scrooge shows many ways that he is self-centered, for example, in the past Scrooge was greedy and had a love for money. He loved money more than anything, even his girlfriend. Fortunately, Scrooge changes his behavior and turns into a warm-hearted man by the end of the play. Scrooge learns that…show more content…
While having a conversation with his nephew, Fred, he displays that rudeness by saying to Fred, “Nephew, keep Christmas in your own way and let me keep it in mine.” Clearly, Scrooge has no regard for Christmas, and he doesn't care about being with any family members during the holidays. Furthermore, in conversation with the Gentleman Visitor, Scrooge made a few ill-mannered comments. One such comment is, “All right, all right, I can read. What is it you want?” Scrooge doesn't really care that the Visitor is even there. As you can see Scrooge only cares about himself. Scrooge shows, not just verbally, but in his actions that he is a self-centered man. For instance, when Scrooge is behind Cratchit, while he was opening the door, Scrooge is muttering “Merry Christmas.” Muttering shows signs of self-centeredness because, when you mutter, you say something in a low or barely audible voice. Frequently, Scrooge shows signs of rudeness and…show more content…
These visitors were brought by his former business partner, Jacob Marley, who unfortunately died. There were three visitors that all came on difference nights. The first spirit out of the three, revisits the past with Scrooge. While they are together, they visit the time when young Scrooge and his ex-girlfriend broke up. Their breakup was because back then Scrooge loved money more than her. After he revisits this scene, the older Scrooge says, “Don’t let her go!” He realizes that he has made a mistake. Additionally, the Ghost of Christmas past takes him to three very important scenes that happened in the past. The Ghost of Christmas past also takes Scrooge to the scene where it was Christmas time and his old boss, Fezziwig, gave everyone the next day off. In addition, Fezziwig also danced freely and had a party with his employees. In contrast, Scrooge made Cratchit work on Christmas and he had to be at work extra early. Scrooge learns from Fezziwig and decides to be a little nicer to the Cratchits. Scrooge says somethings that his normal self wouldn’t say. He says “I should like to be able to say a word or two to my clerk just now! That’s all!” Scrooge sees all of the fun that Fezziwig is having and wants to have that fun again. He can only have the fun if he decided to give Cratchit the day off. The next morning Scrooge gets another unsuspected visitor, the Ghost of Christmas Present. He takes
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