Scrooge: The Ghost Of Christmas Present

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The most powerful, and most obvious argument the ghost makes is not said by a single character in the novel, but inferred by the reader. The Ghost of Christmas Past showed Scrooge a past he could not change, the Ghost of Christmas Present showed him the present, which was already happening, but the Ghost of Christmas Future showed him a future that he could change and make his own. Scrooge could not change his past, he could not change the immediate present, but he could change his future by reforming, and becoming loving and generous. The power to change what he saw was definitely one of, if not the strongest influence any of the ghosts had on Scrooge. This is an obvious use of logos by the ghost. If you do not like a future you are shown, …show more content…

Scrooge was shown a future in which he did not only die, but was forgotten and loathed by those close to him. To not be shown love even after he died was mind shattering to Scrooge, who expected someone to have some love and compassion for him. Scrooge 's nephew, clerk, and housekeeper had all forgotten, or hated Scrooge in life, and continued to hate him in death. This fear of being forgotten brought Scrooge to tears, and was one of the only things shown to him by the ghosts that he could not bear to look at. Evidence for this being a major factor is self-evident, Scrooge begged to know if he could change the future right after being shown his fate. He was made to regret his actions, and only regret can truly change someone. This was a clear appeal to Scrooge 's fears and emotions by the ghost, a very effective use of pathos.

The final argument for the influence of the Ghost of Christmas Future was simply the character of the ghost. Both the Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Christmas Present had human traits that Scrooge could identify with, and find common ground between himself and the ghosts. But the Ghost of Christmas Future had no such humanity. He was a cloaked figure with no face, no voice, no emotions. This gives the Ghost an air of power, and knowing that the other ghosts did not have. He did not pity Scrooge, he did not have any emotions, he …show more content…

By empowering Scrooge to change his future, appealing to Scrooge 's greatest fears, and establishing himself as an all knowing judge, the Ghost of Christmas changed the very character of the man named Ebenezer Scrooge. These powerful influences were used masterfully by both the Ghost of Christmas Future, and Charles Dickins himself, creating a moving and tragic vision of Scrooge 's future which left him with only one possible course of action. To change himself for the better, and to appreciate and cherish his fellow man as something sacred, not something to be

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