Scrooge's Future In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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People that live in the past enjoy their life less than people that live in the present. Well, the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is about An old man by the name of Scrooge, and three spirits. Those three spirits are ghosts of past, present, and future. Scrooge is a misanthrope and he becomes benevolent later on because three spirits visit him on the night before Christmas and show him Scrooges past, present, and future. Each spirit showed Scrooge how greedy and biased he was. The spirits would come one by one. The spirits like literally brought him there but Scrooge and the spirit were invisible.All spirits affect Scrooge but who affects Scrooge the most. So, the spirit of Christmas Future affects Scrooge the most.

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They are trying to figure out who gets the fortune that Scrooge left behind. They are also saying that they will not come to Scrooge's funeral. Scrooge kept on hearing insults about himself. When Scrooge realized how much people hated him, Scrooge just wanted to change. Scrooge began to feel sorry for himself. He also despised himself for the poor choices he made. Once again, Scrooge didn't want for his money to be gone. Scrooge understood that he either dies and looses the fortune, or he changes and gets to keep the fortune. It is a win-win situation because if Scrooge becomes nice he keeps his fortune and people begin to like Scrooge.

Plus, Future is showing Scrooge something that is making Scrooge really anxious. It is a grave, the grave has Scrooges name on it. The grave says that Scrooge will die on Christmas day. Scrooge began screaming and begging for another chance in life. Scrooge began falling into the grave and then he woke up in his bed. That is when the compulsion came to scrooge. Scrooge wants to change. Death will scare anybody. Scrooge made the choice of changing into a better person. That was the last spirit that would ever visit Scrooge. He began to feel a sudden relief. As if he just finished a
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