Scrub Research Paper

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With today’s technology, a word’s development can occur in a second, it’s meaning altered in a moment, it’s context transformed in an instant. An example of such a word is scrub. Scrub is a word, common in the gaming community, used to describe someone who has little skill in a certain activity. It is important to understand that scrub does not refer to, as some have come to believe, a lamer or a newb. A scrub is a person who believes they have skill in a particular activity, who does not, and who remains ignorant of their inadequacy. Unlike a lamer, a scrub is unaware of their own insufficiency. While a scrub’s lack of skill may be annoying to others, they do not irritate others for enjoyment. A lamer, on the other hand, is aware of his incompetent, but continues to act foolish for his own personal amusement. A scrub is either unaware of their insufficient skill or does not believe others when informed of their deficits. The typical response to a lamer’s action is one of fury while a scrub’s behavior invokes irritation. Further, scrubs are…show more content…
Alas! I am very sorry to say That ninety lives have been taken away On the last Sabbath day of 1879, Which will be remember 'd for a very long time (McGonagall). William McGonagall is a scrub because he lacked skill in an activity, – in this case the activity was his profession— made no attempts to better himself, and remained ignorant of his lacking, even when faced with harsh criticism from his peers. Today’s technology has without a doubt that changed modern English. New words spring up across the internet, established words form new meanings, and the context of a term changes at a faster pace than ever before. A product of these changes is the word scrub. Scrub, a word most prevalent in the gaming community, describes someone who has little skill in a certain activity. To understand what a scrub is and is not is as important as understanding the definition of any other
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