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Since their creation, 3-Dimensional artworks, commonly known as sculptures, have always intrigued it’s viewers. Like paintings, drawings, and photography, sculptures can be fine works of art. However, there is an aspect of sculptures that differ from 2-Dimensional artwork. Sculptures exist in space. This allows the viewer to relate more with the subject, causing the art to become more interesting and appealing. In these cases, abstract sculptures such as Cubi XVIII, are made for the sole purpose of amusing the viewer with their seemingly weightless and oddly assembled nature. Other sculptures can be beneficial when used as a religious icon, depicting an important symbol or event, or most commonly, a political figure. The Augustus of Prima…show more content…
The Augustus of Prima Porta on the other hand is the complete opposite of the Cubi XVIII in terms of representation. The Augustus of Prima Porta is considered representational art, meaning that the subject is depicting something of external reality. The sculptures also differ in material. The Cubi XVIII is made of stainless steel, and the Augustus of Prima Porta is made of white marble. The process in which the each sculpture was made also differ. Augustus of Prima Porta was made by subtractive process, the process in which a sculpture is made by removing material from its original state. In this case, it is likely that the sculptor of Augustus of Prima Porta began with a large block of white marble and chiseled away at it to create the final result. The Cubi XVIII, as well as the rest of the Cubi series were likely made by the additive process, a process in which the artist adds material to on to each other. The Augustus of Prima Porta also has low-relief, a technique in which a sculpture slightly projects from its background. The low-relief in Augustus of Prima Porta can be found on the breastplate of Augustus. Along with the differences in the sculptures, there are similarities as well. Both sculptures are freestanding, meaning that they can be seen from all angles and can be seen from different viewpoints. A large focus in both sculptures

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