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Everything You Need to Know About Scuppernongs
What are Scuppernongs?
Scuppernong is a variety of muscadine grape. It is native to the North California and named after Scuppernong river and lake Scuppernong near which, it was first spotted and cultivated. It is bronze or greenish-golden in color and similar to white grapes in appearance. As compared to the normal grapes, which are commonly found in our Indian markets, scuppernongs are larger and rounder. Scuppernongs are slightly less sweet than the purple variety, muscadine.
History of Scuppernongs: In the United States, the first type of grape to be cultivated and used to produce wine was 'scuppernong', during the mid-18th century. It was first known as the 'Big White Grape' until 1811,
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Besides this, they are a decent source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.
Scuppernongs are also a fair source of vitamin A, vitamin B2 or riboflavin and vitamin C.
Health benefits of Scuppernongs:
Improves bowel movements:
Scuppernongs are a great source of dietary fiber. Their outer thick skin makes them rich in insoluble dietary fiber. The high fiber content of this fruit draws in water, softens the stools and gives it bulk. So it can be of advantage to those who struggle with irregular stools. This helps in regularizing bowel movements and prevents constipation and issues related to it, which include diverticulitis and hemorrhoids. Thus, individuals with irregular bowel movements and constipation should make scuppernongs a part of their daily diet.
Lowers hypertension:
Having high blood pressure damages your heart, arteries and blood vessels. Scuppernongs are a good source of potassium. Potassium widens the arteries and helps the walls of the blood vessels to relax. This ensures smooth blood flow throughout the body. It further balances out the undesirable effects of excess sodium and supports good kidney function.
Lowers high blood cholesterol

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