Se Habla Espanol Mother Tongue Analysis

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Part A – Both “Se Habla Espanol” and “Mother Tongue” are titles that manage to grab attentions; however, each does so in its own way. “Se Habla Espanol” is about a Latina women who is attempting to learn how to speak Spanish. Throughout the story, she talks about the struggles to learn it and the judgement that she receives from others for not already having a knowledge it. I feel like the simplicity of the title is what makes it so attractive for a reader. It made me want to read so that I could attempt to understand why she chose what could be considered a basic Spanish phrase when the translation of the title is “Spanish speaking.” The title “Mother Tongue” is almost brilliantly misleading. My first thought when I read the title was that this story would be about a language that the author spoke before moving to another country and having to learn a new language, but I was incredibly incorrect. This is about English as a language and how easily the author switches from a version that is eloquent to a version that many would considered to be broken. She talks about how many people have judged her mom’s English skills and how she has even been ostracized because of it, but how it inspired the author’s writing style. The title is a fitting tribute to her mom and how she shaped the author’s English skill and the author as a person into who she is today.…show more content…
It was as if she was trying to say, “Yes, I’m an author, but my English isn’t going to be perfect, and I accept that.” I also think she said this because what “correct” English is can vary from person to person. There is obviously a textbook definition of it, but most people aren’t going to completely know it, and those that do may not even use
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