Se7en Analysis

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One thing that makes this movie special is the genre used in Se7en. Compared to other David Fincher’s work, this movie is more to a psychological thriller. I kind of like this movie because it deals with the human’s mind. Even though this film is a little bit disturbing or sickening but it also blend a well put together of dark visual style, intense plot development and polished acting, remains tight and focused throughout the film, from beginning to end, never straying outward into unimportant issue or resorting to typical Hollywood clichés. Se7en is also uniquely on its own for suspense dramas as it both fuels the need of the audience to be drawn in and entertained by the events unfolding, and remain uncompromising and shocking, thus satisfying the initial vision of the director, David Fincher. “The greater the evil, the greater the film.” – Alfred Hitchcock, an enigmatic figure if there ever was one, is killing one victim for each deadly sin. The first sense we get of the viciousness of our killer is the method of death in the first victim. “An obese man forced to eat until his stomach…show more content…
We begin to know him but what’s worst is we begin to feel for him. Everyone has been disgusted at one point or another when a shady lawyer is able to get a murderer cleared of charges. This film first goal is to entertain. However, twisted that may seem given the film’s constant urge to disturb but it is also a vital cultural artefact, using the serial killer genre to unshackle the deep moral problem today. When a morbidly obese person sit next to us in a public place, we wonder how they let themselves get that way. We are disgusted by these people. Same goes to John Doe, he was disgusted too, but the difference is he doing something about it. He is taking the disgusted and elevating it to the next level of the Old Testament. We say to ourselves, we would never do that,
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