Sea Change: A Message Of The Oceans

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“Below, there would be no glint from beer cans and bottles, no windrows of cigarette butts, not plastic cups, bags, or PCB’s, DDT’s, polystyrenes, or other extoic concocts. There would be plenty of sounds in the sea from subtle snaps and sizzles of small crustaceans to warbles, grunts, pops, and hundreds of other variations produced by fish and marine mammals-but no throb of engines, no ping of depth sounders, no low rumble of mechanical or electronics subsea thunder” (Earle 6). In the book of Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans by Sylvia Earle, Sylvia predicts about how the Florida's Gulf Coast use to look like thousands years ago. The way she explained the Florida's Gulf Coast, she compared today's oceans versus how it use to look like. This quote is important to the author because this is what the book is going to be about, the current threats to the health of the oceans.…show more content…
“President John F. Kennedy, champion of space exploration, also valued the importance of the sea, observing in 1961, ‘Knowledge of the ocean is more than a matter of curiosity. Our very survival may depend upon it”(Earle 51). Therefore in the book Sylvia also explain how President John F. Kennedy gets involved with the sea. President John F. Kennedy was also more worried of the ocean than sending a man to the moon.These are the quote that Sylvia heard and it encourage more fundings for oceans technology which became more available than it had been many decades before. This is also an important because humans couldn't live without
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