Why Sea Cucumbers Are Echinoderm Animals

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Sea cucumber
Introduction: Sea cucumbers are echinoderm animals that belong to the class Holothuroidea. These marine animals are characterized by their leathery skin and an elongated body. They are more than 1250 classified species of sea cucumber that can be found in oceans throughout the world. Usually sea cucumbers live on the sea floor. All sea cucumbers are ocean dwellers, though some inhabit the shallows intertidal zones while others live in the deep ocean of 5,000 m and more. Most sea cucumber species live between 5 and 10 years in the wild.
Description: Sea cucumbers are named because of their resemblance to the vegetable cucumber. They have leathery skin and soft bodies, even though like all echinoderms, sea cucumbers have an
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Most species have five rows of paired tentacles on the surface of the body that are used for locomotion and for feeding. Depending on species, their sizes are usually range from 10 – 30 cm long.
It is of interest to know that the wall of sea cucumber bodies is formed by collagen. This allows them to make their body loose or tight allowing the animal to squeeze and get in and out of small crevices and cracks. This remarkable feature keeps animals away of predators. Afterwards, the sea cucumber will hook up all its collagen fibers to make its body firm
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Threats: Increased exploitation of sea cucumber populations represents major threats to sea cucumber; several cases can confirm that such as the significant decline of sea cucumber in the Red Sea which took place over a limited period of time. Predators are also threating sea cucumber.

Self-defense: Animals have different self defense mechanisms against predation. Sea cucumber may propel their own toxic internal organs from their anus in the direction of predator’s attack. Some of sea cucumber species are able to emit sticky threads when threatened to ensnare their enemies. Also, when sea cucumber is disturbed, they can expose skeletal, hook-like structures that would make them harder for predators to eat.
As described above, sea cucumber can liquefy their body when they need to in order to get away from predators and get into narrow cracks and concaves.
Despite various threats imposed on sea cucumbers, they are still numerous in the wild and hence are not considered endangered

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