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Lidia Bishop
Biology 2
Mrs. Walser

Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Sea nettle)

Lanier, N. & Weber A. (2011). Chrysaora Quinquecirrha: Sea Nettle. Animal Diversity Web. Retrieved from

The Chrysaora quinquecirrha or commonly known as the Sea nettle is found in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, Southern England waters, even in the United States, and some parts in Brazil. The Sea Nettle is classified in the kingdom Animalia.

Sea Nettles have around 7 to 10 tentacles that can grow as large as 50 centimeters in length and with all contin nematocyst (toxic stinging organelles) . It has a dome like shape at the top of it. Sea nettles have only one opening , it mouth so it compromises it digestive system, so it go
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They are among one of the seven most deadliest jellyfishes but are rare life endangering to humans they will leave a mild sting and pain like a bee sting for a while, use vinegar. urine or any acidic liquid to ease the pain. People can buy sea nettles to keep as pets but because they are saltwater animals it can be hard to raise them. The Sea nettles travel in schools ( large groups at a time). the Sea nettles are (in my opinion) beautiful creatures. The way they are in general are remarkable animals, they 're so majestic and unique.

The sea nettle mostly moves with the ocean 's current because they are weak and can 't go against it but they can move short distances to catch prey, the ocean current is unpredictable so were the current moves they move. The Sea nettles use light sensors to know when it is light out side, so when it it light they migrate up more to the surface and when it becomes dark they move back down at night.
The Sea nettles are medusa shape so they appear to resemble an umbrella looking shape with long tentacles coming out from underneath the

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