Sea Of Darkness Creative Writing

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All that could be seen was the shadowy, silent, and obscuring abyss which stretched across the ends of the eye. Spherical objects, planets and stars, are the only lights here to stand against it. There, a speck could be seen in the distance, an object that was almost invisible, it was not like the other things out here in this abyss. It hovered near a midnight blue planet that contrasted with multiple smokey white swirls that was contained within. The stars nearby that shone to show the way to the lost, guiding them to wherever they were needed. The abyss was quite lonely and empty, though hiding large rocks, asteroids, with rare and unique ores within which made it special and worth the time to extract. These rocks would be hard and bumpy, a protective encasing over the ores that if refined, become smooth and heavy. A large vessel, almost as black as abyss itself, was drowned in it, floating across the nothingness, a spacecraft designed to journey, research, and explore the vast sea of darkness. It was a sanctuary to those who could not withstand the abyss, a light in eternal darkness. The…show more content…
The smaller vessel had the same colors as the bigger vessel, though it had a different shape, more cylindrical. After a short delay, it was launched, blasted into the abyss straight for the nearby planet. It was accelerating rapidly, though started to deccelerate as it broke through the cloudy atmosphere. As the vessel neared the surface, a large, dark parachute was released, the landing struts taking position as the thrusters under the vessel dampened the fall. The craft touched down onto the surface, the landing struts stabilizing the weight and magnetizing to the surface. The thrusters then cooled down, the hull warming up to a suitable temperature for those who stayed in. An archway, an airlock opened in front, a small platform moving out to form steps down onto the
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