Seabear Security Research Paper

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People from around the world have a problem with confidential files. They tend to get “lost” or “misplaced” when people actually take them right under their noses. Other times, people “throw away” their files into a dumpster and forget to actually throw it away by crumpling the paper, tying the trash bag with the files inside, or by ripping, shredding, white out-ing the files. Silly humans! Silly society! Seabear Security has chosen a project that truly helps the working person with their busy lives. The way we helped society with their problems in security is that we have made a new idea that erases the ink off of paper. The purpose is to prevent dumpster diving for personal files that shouldn’t be exposed to the whole world. Security is the most important thing to have when having confidential files on hand. When people throw away their files and it has their phone number, name, address, email, social security number, or any important and vital piece of information, they sometimes don’t secure the trash bag or leave the file untouched so when a really bad storm comes or a dog knocks over a trash can, all the files are spread across the street or wherever it may be for anyone to look at, let alone take. The product we want to produce is a safe and simpler way to destroy the ink off of paper and it is cheaper than to…show more content…
Nail polish, Rubbing alcohol, Hairspray, Bleach, Toothpaste Vinegar, Shaving cream, Sand paper, Cornstarch, Milk, Salt, Cream of tartar, Nail polish remover, Butter, Alcohol, Vinegar, and Shortening. We will be using a selected amount of items in our product to get the best results. Combining products with like results will end in a better result. Some of the these products might not work, but by the time we are done making our solution to our world’s dumpster diving travesty, it will replace white out, paper shredders, and all means of ink

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