Seabiscuit Film Analysis

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In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the first Model T to the world, and not too long after, automobile demands skyrocketed. In 1913, he additionally created the first assembly line to produce his cars. Numerous factories were opened, more jobs were being created, the cities became more populated, and because of this, investors benefitted immensely. The economy looked very stable for a long time, and the country was evolving. However, In 1929, the stock market crashed and uprooted many investors. Unemployment was high, and the number of families struggling to get food on the table was baffling. Many families had to send kids away so they could live a better life. It wasn’t until World War II when the economy improved, which was ten years later. In the movie Seabiscuit, Mr. Howard, a car designer, loses his son ironically in a tragic car accident, which fuels his divorce with his wife. He travels to Mexico and meets Marcela at a horse track, and soon after, marries her. They begin a life together in the horseracing industry. They hire a horse trainer who has great instinct when it comes to horses, Tom Smith. Tom suggests the Howards purchase a horse with great bloodlines who has been looked over by many others, Seabiscuit. Even though he is very short, his competitiveness makes him a great racer. The Howards also hire a jockey,…show more content…
Henry Ford’s success, the stock market crash of 1929, the hardship of the depression, and prohibition were mentioned. The time period affected the characters within the movie. The depression was tough on millions of Americans, even the wealthiest become homeless, which was displayed in the movie with Red’s family. Because of the ban on alcohol and gambling, many people, including Mr. Howard, travel to Mexico. That’s where he meets Marcela, and develops a passion for horse racing. This was a major part of American history, and the movie fused history into the plot
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