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Seabiscuit is a film based on true story that was released in late 2003. Even through the movie captures the success of the racehorse Seabiscuit, it is truly about the trials and tribulations that the three men experienced. Who would have thought that during your most trying times, The Great Depression that an unconditional, everlasting team made up of three men would rise above to face success in the eyes? Nearing the end of their last dollar, Red’s father dropped him off with a horse trainer in which he becomes a jockey. Unforeseen events took place when Red boxed on the side to earn an extra income, which left him blind in one eye. Howard lost his son in a car accident followed by his wife leaving him. Howard then meets this beautiful…show more content…
It was about, “not throwing your whole life away because you’re banged up a little (George. 2003. Film). Each character lives were relatively similar with the struggles of the hard times and just trying to place their feet on the ground without it collapsing from underneath them. Motivational and encouraging statements like the one listed above were said throughout the entire movie. What I have gathered is with hard work and determination and an active support team you can withstand all. After Red’s first win, the narrator begins to say, “it wasn’t the roads, bridges or other public projects that were built in the past years. It was more invisible than that. Men who were broken only a year before suddenly felt restored. Men who were shattered suddenly found their voice” (Youtube. 2016). Personally, all it takes is for one or a couple exude motivation or positive vibes and that within itself becomes contagious in a right way. Red says,” you know, everyone thinks that we found this broken-down horse and fixed him, but we didn’t. He fixed every one of us, and I guess in a way we kind of fixed each other.” Marcela gave Howard hope, Tom encourage Red, Red motivated George and Seabiscuit drove Red to ride

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