Seabiscuit: The Restoration Of The American Dream

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Register to read the introduction…I envisioned Seabiscuit as a symbol that embodied the essence of the average American in a time of pandemonium. He was desperate, overlooked, and depleted, but a good fight lurked in his soul. All it took was patience and an opportunity, which many at the time were yearning for. They were looking for the lost hope, the once furbished American dream, that seemed nothing like a dream, but instead a nightmare. I think most of society was able to resonate with Seabiscuit. He represented a rare hero that fell victim to outcomes beyond his internal locus of control. In the search for a better life many people turned to film. They did this for the factor of escapism that it alluded to. Seabiscuit was the overarching embodiment of this ideal, he fostered Americans to triumph against the undeniable odds they were facing. I think the ideal of the American Dream was restored through the story of Seabiscuit. His endless fight, hard work, and longing to win conjured up an opportunity that made the journey he was fighting worth it. Americans were in search of an opportunity to jumpstart the American dream back up. The depression changed the lifestyle, but the people emerged eager to find an opportunity. I think that many people saw the restoration of the American dream as their opportunity. It acted as an end goal something they could see in their future that they wanted so badly to achieve. The American dream was born again, but this time it proved to hit a little closer to home for many
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