Seacrest High School Violence Analysis

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This article examines Seacrest High School that had major violent episodes between Asian-American and African-American students. While trying to decide how to deal with the violence and school safety, the other components of the school went by the wayside. All of this was chronicled in the media and an ensuing court order forced the school district to take measures that secured the safety of the students that attended the school. Although not done on purpose, the subsequent result was a neglect of academics and the overall school culture. The focus on safety, created during a chaotic approach to school improvement, led to a loss of focus of content knowledge, critical thinking skills, social-emotional support for students, and moral reasoning. Seacrest High School was divided into a 9th grade academy, three themed 10th through 12th grade academies and a program geared toward immigrants. The school population was 51% African-American, 28% Asian, 10% Hispanic/Latino, and the remainder were from a melting pot of nationalities. Seacrest had more than 12 languages being spoken on…show more content…
Several incidents were found to have occurred on and off of school grounds for over a period of 2 days. The incident was portrayed in the media as being an interracial problem between Asian and black although evidence exists that other nationalities were involved. Asian students subsequently boycotted the school for approximately three weeks because they said they didn’t feel safe. These incidents took center stage with the focus being shifted soley to security. School security officers increased from 2 to 15 on campus. The incident was investigated by the State Board of Human Relation and the US Department of Justice. The outcome of the incident required the school district to appoint a monitor who was tasked with overseeing the many measures that would be taken to ensure student

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