Seaford Personal Narrative

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What is the most important thing you have ever had to prepare for, and how did you prepare for it? The most important thing I have ever had to prepare for was my freshman year JV football game against the Seaford Vikings. Seaford was our biggest rival. We had been preparing all summer and fall coming up to this game. It was the biggest game so far that I would have ever played in. The game was scheduled for A friday night, and there would be lots of people attending. What was significant about Seaford was that they only kicked onside kicks which were difficult to recover. I was put on the front lines of the kick return team. It was the hands team job to recover the onside kicks and get the ball to the offense. I was put in the most important spot, and as a freshmen it made me very nervous. We had been preparing for it by practicing it in practice everyday. I was very concerned on my capability to do my job and recover them. Finally it was game time and I was ready. I ended up recovering two onside kicks and closed the game on the final kickoff. If I did not recover it we could have lost the game. As a result I…show more content…
I was with a group of friends and we were going around Locust Valley. I wasn't familiar with the area we were in but my friends were. While we were going about I was distracted by someone with a hose spraying kids. What I didn't realise was that my friends had ran without me. It was at that moment when I realised I was lost. I was going up and down the streets hopelessly trying to find my friends house. I was so young and I was getting nervous thinking of the worst possible things that can happen. After about an hour of walking around I finally remembered something. The house has a lacrosse net in the front yard. After walking around for a little more time I found the house. I was so relieved. It was a scary halloween experience and I was thankful to have safely returned back to my friends
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