Seal Hunt Should Be Banned

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Should the Canadian Government ban the Seal Hunt? The seal hunt has been a controversial topic for many years, discussed even to this day in Canada. Banning this northern hunt would absolutely be foolishness by the Canadian Government. The seal population is already overpopulated, and is continually growing to this day, having a major impact on other marine resources, managing to force other species into their own extinction. Likewise, banning this hunt would eliminate the traditional ways of life set hundreds of years back to the rural inhabitants. For them , this hunt is a vital way to endure survival physically and economically. Finally, seal hunting is done in a humane, regulated manner despite much of the negative influence shown to mislead the public about this hunt. Many are not aware, but seals are overpopulated enough already. The Canadian Seal Hunt is not only a blessing in disguise but a way to enable balance in the marine ecosystem. For many decades already, we have always had a responsibility to the environment in keeping balance to the marine ecosystem…show more content…
This hunt has been around for centuries and has become the bread-and-butter to the rural population, bringing in a huge income of food and money for them to thrive in their already tough living-conditions. Likewise, the seal population is ever so growing and as a result, is effecting and depleting much of our already endangered marine species. Just like the meat you eat every day, the seal hunt is every bit humane and should not be banned due to the biased gore presented to the public by the media. If the seal hunt is banned, then why not ban all the meats you eat? Besides, they’re killed in the same way. Considering this, banning the Canadian Seal Hunt would do have more negative consequences than positive, therefore, the Canadian Government should dispatch much of the false rumours spread through the mainstream
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