Sealand's Philosophy In The Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids: Do you agree the Sealand’s philosophy
Is it ever justified to kill a human being? During the novel The Chrysalids Joseph Strorm was able to sterilize and destroy deviants, and was considered a genocide. The Sealand only killed for the greater good of the species, to save the species from annihilation. The reasons why I agree with the Sealand’s philosophy are that the species must change, and the human race must evolve. The Waknuk society and the Fringe Folk were bound to die, for being less technologically advance. Finally the Sealand women was protecting the telepaths from the perusing Waknuk posse, and the Dangerous Fringe Folk.

Joseph Strorm did not allow change or evolution in the society of Waknuk, keeping the community
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