Seal's War: A Short Story

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Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death; most run with fear when they hear these words, these names. At one point in time they were quiet, unknown to the human world, walking alone in their own universe. It wasn 't until they collided, completely oblivious to the powers that each of them inherited from birth which sat, awaiting the moment they could burst from the souls of their captors. Regulation of these events was done thoroughly through the years leading up to the breaking of the Seal 's, uncontrollable killings of all sorts taking over when these beings were released. Alastair came first; the first horseman of the apocalypse rode in on his white stallion holding a bow, carrying infectious disease and laying plague in his wake. "She of…show more content…
Helene was once a full angel, daughter of Lailah and Raphael, who need not protection as she herself was protection enough for herself and her loved ones, more powerful than either of her parents, she had the combined power of both and the prophecy on her side. However, it wasn 't until Helene fell that the prophecy 's powers were revealed; death in the human realm was unattainable, impossible by the hands of fellow humans, only by the divine powered. Which is exactly who Maximus is. Son of Alastor and Nyx, the latter being the God of family feuds, he never experienced a family world, he was the youngest and therefore outcasted more than his siblings. He found a home in the Underworld, with Hades, and quickly gained his trust. When Hades heard the news that his plan was working and Pestilence had been released, there was no doubt in his mind that Maximus was the man for the next task. And Maximus was eager to please the man who had become the father figure that he needed. He watched her closely, knowing that if he caught her at the right moment then there was no way he could fail. And he couldn 't fail. Through woods and across rivers, his eyes never lost sight of his goal and soon enough she stopped, believing she was free from his chase. Remaining as quiet as possible he snuck towards her, the dagger Hades had given him clutched in one hand, the other hand balled in a fist,
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