Bog Queen Seamus Heaney Analysis

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There’s Always a Chance Seamus Heaney created his poetry from finding inspiration of the things he experienced throughout his life, one of his many quotes that I personally favor is, “If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way.” Heaney’s utilizes aspects of his life, through his ancestors, violence of his homeland, and Ireland experience to shape his poetry. In Seamus’ Nobel Prize Speech he states, “I credit poetry for making this space-walk possible. I credit it immediately because of a line I wrote fairly recently instructing myself...” He used his life influenced the poetry that he made, and his experiences helped him to create his astounding work. Seamus Heaney, wrote some of his major works of…show more content…
The Iron Age contained links to both Ireland and the land's history. A poem by Seamus Heaney “Bog Queen" is a more worldly poem about the decaying body of the unidentified queen of the bog. In the poem he states “I lay waiting between turf-face and demesne wall,between heathery levels and glass-toothed stone” (line 1). Heaney uses the feminine appearance to create sensuality, which was common with Heaney's female characters. This is important because Heaney does not distance himself from the bog queen as he does with the his other Bog Poems. He speaks as the bog queen herself rather than as an outside character. Another poem he wrote about the Iron Age was “The Grauballe Man” another poem written by Seamus in response to a photo seen of the Grauballe Man. He describes each part of the bog body, by using dark imagery to give the man a spiritual persistence. In the poem he reveals his emotional response to it. Heaney reveal his reason for his preoccupation of the bodies by explaining the photo of the Grauballe man Reno fed him if phones if atrocities in many Irish political and religious struggles. He created his best work through the dark history of Ireland, his
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