Seamus Heaney Poetry Analysis

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How Is A Poem

With other types of literature, poems often have profound or unclear meanings, but with in-depth analysis, poems can turn up somewhat unique. Many people may think that poems take the definition of a short piece of writing where feelings and emotions flourish, but in reality, poems confront more with the “how” factor, how can a poem express feelings or how can a poem turn up unique. From long poem books to two words shortest poem in the world, they all have something in common to make them exclusive to every other type of literature. Poems truly uniqueness comes mainly from the four areas of structure, musical character, language, and the reading of poems.

First of all, poems can take very outstanding structures, including the
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In prose writing, the plot usually gets clear as it progresses through the writing, and the language often inclines towards simple and understandable English. But in poetry, the content may not take such a promising end; instead, poets focus on the word choice, especially in the description of something, making sure everything turns up as condensed as possible. Taking “Digging” by Seamus Heaney as an example, the poet uses many time shifts to express the stories of his many generations and intelligent word choice to make it concise but meaningful. “My father, digging. I look own” (Heaney 5) and “Just like his old man.” (Heaney 16) Takes careful wording, which makes this time shift as quick as just one line. Except that, the content of this poem happens with the son describing the time change between his dad and grandfather through “digging.” The poet often wants you to find the deeper meaning of it, and this represents the beauty of poetry content wise. A poem can have a plot or moment just like any other piece of writing, but the unique part comes in when the author can make the story not only so concise but also with a deeper
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