Sean Braden Case Study

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FAMILY-- Sean Braden was born in Boston, Massachusetts on FEB 25, 1987. His parents had moved from Galway, Ireland soon after marrying.-- Their intentions were to pursue a better life for their future and the children they would one day have. However, things didn 't work out as planned and they soon found out life in America was no better than in Ireland. They had to work multiple jobs just to keep up the bare minimum and once they began having children, things only escalated from bad to worse. Sean was the third born Braden son, becoming the newest and final addition to the family. With three mouths to feed and little income, tension between his parents become unbearable. As Sean grew, he began to notice his parents distance, not just from each other but from their children as well. They would rather drink themselves into a coma then pay any attention to their sons-- their psychical violence on one another has also reached it breaking point. Soon after Sean 's forth…show more content…
Over the years, Sean 's mother become worse, her drinking habit becoming a serious problem. Blaming her children for her husband abandoning the family, she often took her anger out on them. Sean 's two older brothers had left home at a young age simply to avoid their mother. Sean had become used to the verbal and sometimes psychical abuse. As he progressed into a teenager he opted to stay on the streets or a friends house rather then return home to it 's hostile environment. With each passing year he would become more hostile himself, more into substance abuse and more into crime. In his later teens he had seen the inside of a jail cell more than his own home-- further more, he had moved up from innocent drugs to far more dangerous substances, heroine quickly becoming his drug of choice. Quickly spiraling out it control it was a police officer who often arrested Sean, that seen something more in the teenager. When Sean overdosed and nearly killed himself, it was this cop who inserted Sean
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