Sean Gobin Case Study

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I would choose Sean Gobin a combat veteran. Sean Gobin endured many harrowing experiences: the invasion of Iraq, counterinsurgency missions in Fallujah and the training of Afghan army recruits. He never got a chance to process any of it and it took a huge toll on his mental health. He is the owner of a nonprofit group Warrior Hike. He realized how the hiking has helped him process all the experiences he’s put away. He wants to help other combat veterans by paying for the materials they need to hike the trail. I believe in his cause because I have close friends that are combat veterans and it really does take a toll on you if you don’t process the experiences.
Sean Gobin used many aspects of communication to convey his purpose. He expresses his affiliations with other combat veterans. He uses kinesics by showing how he walks the trail and the use of his walking sticks. He is missing both his legs due to combat and by the use of masking and oculesics you can see the toll it
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A lot of people might not realize how PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can affect people’s lives. It is a mental disorder that can drastically alter someone’s life. I have friends that have been in combat zones and have flashbacks due to certain noises. It is terrifying to watch them go through this. Just the sound of some fireworks could trigger an episode and they are truly scared for their lives. A lot of times these combat veterans go through these experiences and don’t have a chance to really see it for what it was. Instead they bottle of their emotions and never have a chance to process. It is important that you are able to process what happened to you and learn from it, it can be tough when you are in the military and they are assigning you to missions constantly. Sean Gobin has my vote he has a great cause and I hope that more veterans will be able to take advantage of this program and process what they have gone
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