Search For Justice In Madame Defarge's Lesson

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Throughout history, justice has remained an interesting and intriguing topic that remains prevalent in all facets of life. From the courtroom to the utmost ends of the earth, the “search for justice” often dominates different forms of literature. Perhaps, this “search for Justice” finds itself best presented by Madame Defarge in Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cites. In this particular book, the character in question, Madame Defarge, reacts to the injustice done to her family in a particularly unfruitful way. Madame Defarge, for instance, after seeing the injustice that her family has endured, seeks for revenge against those that have wronged her and her family. After the rape of her sister by Darnay’s uncle, and the death of her brother, Ms. Defarge becomes increasingly hateful towards those related to the Darnay’s. In an effort for justice, Madame Defarge particularly searches out Charles Darnay and inflict the same pain upon him as the Darnay family inflicted upon her family. Because of this immense desire that Madame Defarge has for bringing justice to her family, her acts contribute significantly towards the plot of the story. Without her constantly bringing citizens to trial and eventually killing them, the plot would essentially fall apart. Ms. Defarge, for example, is solely responsible for the Darnay trials…show more content…
Madame Defarge becomes so absorbed in her quest for ultimate justice that she begins to target every person that has committed any sort of injustice against her, and even those that have done nothing against her. Despite her arguably justified actions against the Darnay family, when her quest for justice begins so absurd that she begins to victimize random citizens, in order to quench her desires for blood, she has far exceeded her initial desire for
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