Searcy High School Handbook Case Study

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Preamble to Petition According to the 2015-2016 Searcy High School handbook, “education is a life-long process of paramount importance to the well-being of the individual and the democratic way of life, it is necessary for students to develop positive work habits, adaptability, understanding, and the ability to live and work in a diverse, technological society.” It is the teacher’s duty to fulfill this mission statement; it is the student’s right to have a teacher who is competent and capable to do such. It is also the teacher’s duty to create a safe and structured learning environment. Mattie Setzler is failing to strive for excellence, failing to be competent, failing to create a safe and structured learning environment for her students;…show more content…
Not only is Mattie Setzler failing to fulfill the mission statement, but she is failing to succeed in carrying out these specific objectives that Searcy High School established in the handbook, which are listed below: 1. To provide an atmosphere, which enhances development of students’ talents, abilities, needs, interests, positive self-esteem, and physical and mental health, including stress management. 2. To encourage students to test, investigate and analyze new ideas by using critical thinking skills so that they may derive valid conclusions. 5. To encourage responsible attitudes and behaviors and endeavor to instill a sense of values and worthwhile ideals. 6. To instill within students a respect for law and order and an appreciation of America’s multicultural heritage. 7. To provide opportunities for students to obtain the necessary academics and technology needed for their careers. 8. To emphasize communication opportunities between parents and the school staff for the benefit of the…show more content…
She is giving assignments without giving requirements or teaching before assigning it. She sent a student to change another student’s work, on October 29th, to suit her interests instead of instructing the student how and why they needed to change their work. She was informed of physical violence in the classroom and did not report the student. One student slapped another student during class in an edit bay. An incident prior to the one just mentioned occurred between three students was not reported by Mattie Setzler, but by one of the students involved to Mr. Claude Smith. She detained the students during the day for over an hour when they had other classes to attend instead of reporting it to the office. According to the handbook, “Violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances,” but this teacher is currently tolerating it, by not sending students to the office. These acts of violence are defined by the Searcy High School Handbook as “bullying” because it was an act of intentional intimidation by a student against another student by a physical act that caused a clear and present danger. The handbook also mentions that, “any school employee who has witnessed, or has reliable information that a student has been a victim of bullying as defined by this policy, shall report the

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