Sears Canada Case Study

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Sears Canada is a retailer company in Toronto, United States of America. This company operates in major territories in Canada with a network of 196 corporate stores. Currently this company is looking for new partners for its credit card operations in order to foster its strategies. In every organization, competition must exist in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the company. Therefore, Sear Canada improvised a strategy of slashing the prices of the popular items by 20% in order to counter its rivals. The move comes as a result of pressure to boost the sales of the products since there was a decline in the previous year sales. There was a decrease in the financial highlight of the company in the previous year which resulted reduction in revenue as well as total sales of the products. The cost strategy, which the Company is currently using, has enabled better profit margin than her competitors have thus resulting to efficient and cost- effective of the products(Anderson &Thisse, 2011).
This strategy is aiming at creating future trust and good relationship with the customers given that in any organization the creation of more customers starts with value in pricing. Essentially, Sear Canada Company is offering great deals whereby it has introduced a weekly reduction of prices which is promoted through flyers hence attracting huge number of customers towards their products. Typically, the introduction

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