Sears Holdings Corporation Business Analysis

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Sears Holdings Corporation is one of the largest wide line retailers in the U.S, which was made and established in 2005. The organization works due to a solid system of more than 2,600 full-line and strength stores over some countries like U.S and Canada. The organization has not been in a great position from that point forward. From the final financial statement of the first Q of 2013 the organization lost $2.63 every share diluted. As Sears' core business is a considerable authority in hard products like home apparatus, instruments and tools, it has been battling in the business sector. However, they are confronting rivalry from home depot and best buy. Moreover, there are two more competitor ( Target and Wal–Mart ) that have made it most…show more content…
Playing the same game leads to competitions among companies. Each one wants more customers and they want more profit. They work hard to compete each other in the market with a (lower – costs) products, better services and qualities. In case of losing the competition and if it was strong rival, the industry will leave the market and normal to face bankruptcy. 3- Threat of substitute products or services: the substitute products or services become high in the presence of similarity between different brand such as Coca-Cola and its competitor Pepsi that are indistinguishable from each other. 4- Bargaining power of buyers: each company tries to make a development in its low-cost strategy so they try to attract more customers this is because they believe that every customer can make his own decision and can bring the concept bargaining power and he has the power for that. 5- Bargaining power of supplier: since that the company is multinational, so that it has more power over their suppliers, so there would be several suppliers from different countries. When the power of bargaining of suppliers we can say it is low, the possibility of supplier to turndown is considerable demands by retailers is high. (An inverse…show more content…
Growth strategy: We will use the strategy which called Horizontal growth strategy which used to expand the business in many different and different locations also to increase their range and capability of their services and products . Therefore, it is necessary to do renovating for stores before any expanding in the business it will help to give a new look to the business, in addition to managing the supply chain that result and help into increasing the inventory in turnover ratio. D. Policies: 1. Exchanging and refunding goods are valid up to 7 Days from purchase date and the receipt must be available and present it at the time of exchange. 2. Home delivery available only for the online-shoppers 3. Culpable employees are unforgiven. 4. Installation is free of charge on home appliance purchasing. Finally, the previous stated strategies can effectively cause some changes in the company that helps in the future to grow more and more. The strategy is little short-term and that can be modified according to the company's status. Task 3 Strategy Implementation A. Programs: 1. Sell 10% of company inventory and 11 stores. 2. Decrease the number of employees up to

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