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The adrenaline rushed through my family’s bodies as we hopped off our cruise. We were finally in Alaska! I could tell that my whole family which included my two annoying brother were excited because of all the smiles on their faces and their craziness. I myself, was probably the most excited since I can finally leave the rocky ship. The seasickness in me will finally be gone! NOT. Land seemed to be even worse than the ship. Everything rocked around me like the Earth was also just a ship. I just hoped that the rest of my family were land sick too so we could retreat back to the ship and sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn 't the case. My brothers were running around the dock releasing all their energy showing no signs of seasickness. The second…show more content…
Not singing. Oh, hey look! There 's a glacier right over there!¨, the pilot announced. He was right. We looked out the window to admire the great view. The glaciers were mostly bumpy and had yellow and brown parts which looked like it had pee on it. At one point, we even saw our cruise ship and the dock it was parked in. Our cruise ship looked barely an inch long from our point of view. People were tiny little specs on the ground and were just like little ants. The mountains were green with little specs of white snow. Waterfalls come off the mountains gracefully. Beautiful wildlife included goats and sheep. After about ten minutes of admiring the view, we landed gracefully and were blinded by the snow. Our eyes literally could not see…show more content…
¨No your not. Here 's a pair of sunglasses. This will help a lot.¨, my mom said. Well, she was right. It did help a lot. Over the next few hours, we learned about the Iditarod and racing dogs. After that, we had the chance to prepare a few dogs for sled racing. First we put mascara is put underneath the dogś eyes. Mascara is used on the dogs for its anti glare properties just like football players. All the dogs looked like mini football players tackling each other for fun. Then we put boots on the dogś feet because the sweat on their paws can freeze up and hurt the dogs in the snow. The last thing we did was to hook the dogs up to the sled. All the dogs seemed so excited. They were all smiling and barking in excitement. As we rode around the snow, we saw a lot of dog poo and dead birds which made the snow all sorts of colors. The wind whooshed by us like at our faces almost making me topple

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