Seasick Informative Speech

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Seasick Have you ever been seasick what about so sick that you just want to lie down and sleep for the rest of the day? well i have and here's my story. It was a beautiful summer morning It was about twelve o’clock in the morning and i was tired of doing nothing around the house so i decided to go over my friends house my friend is small skinny and has brown hair and is super funny. Him and i were hanging out messing around over his house when about two o’clock my dad called and asked “ do you and your friend want to go out on the boat fishing in the lake” so as bored as we were we said “yes” without any hesitation so before we went back to my house we went to get my friends things which at first we couldn't find what we needed but within ten minutes we were able to find his pole and some lures and hooks. As we were about to leave his mom stopped us and gave his some sunblock and then pulled out some seasickness pills and joking around i said we're not going to need those but she gave them to us anyway. So we started back to my house and as we stepped into my driveway we saw my dad loading up the boat trailer to the jeep so with a wide smile on my face i asked “when are we leaving” and with a little hesitation after being out of breath after loading the trailer he said “about thirty minutes” and with a sigh me and my friend went into the back to mess around until my dad set up the poles and we were ready to go. My dad was finally ready to go so…show more content…
y dad stopped at a gas station to get us some snacks just before he got out of the car he asked “what do you guys want for the trip” so me and my friend looked at each other and then he replied with a “mtn dew” and i said a “gatorade please” so as my dad went into the store i turned up the radio and me and my friend jammed out until my father came back which then we turned it down a little bit so we kept on our way to the lake and about thirty minutes later we make it to the lake we make our way to the loading and
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