Seat Belt Laws Essay

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Seat Belt Laws: Do we need them? “Click it or ticket.” This is a common phrase that most Americans know and follow responsibly. Forty-nine out of the fifty U.S. states require citizens to buckle up before driving, or they can be fined up to five hundred dollars. The question among the states has arisen as to whether seat belts should be essential or not. Seat belts should be mandatory because they reduce the risk of fatality, reduce economic costs and limit high-risk behavior. Wearing a seatbelt while in a vehicle can reduce your risk of death by forty-five percent. This statistic alone should convince the population to care for their lives and always wear a belt in the car. If involved in a fatal crash, many lives are affected by the death. Friends and family grieve over the loss, and sometimes never recover. Another statistic by the National Transportation…show more content…
However, these laws are mandatory and need to be carried out so people will develop the healthy habit of wearing their belts when driving. Every American should feel pressured and obligated to buckle up whenever they enter a vehicle. Also, In addition to wasting an officer 's time, some believe that a citizen alone should be responsible for their death and that laws shouldn 't protect the careless from themselves. Despite these opinions, when a passenger is unbelted and involved in a crash they are likely to be ejected from the vehicle, as mentioned earlier. These ejected passengers become projectiles that can harm and possibly kill other people. This had become a more frequent problem as more citizens refuse to wear seatbelts. This choice can end up in a death for not only the careless seatbelt user, but also for a innocent person involved in the accident. Mandating seatbelt use will stop these unnecessary fatalities around the
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