Argumentative Essay About Seat Belts

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How the Defective Seat Belt Law Came About English engineer George Cayley invented seat belts in the mid 19th century. A New Yorker, Edward J. Claghorn, got the first patent. It was for tourists, firemen, painters and others who are being raised or lowered. Hooks and other attachments were needed for securing the person to a fixed object. Then, the shocking death of the iconic actor James Dean in 1955, in a Southern California two-vehicle crash, brought the seat belt to the spotlight. Suspicion that he could have survived that accident, if he was wearing a seat belt, surfaced. By then, people started looking at the optional seat belt differently. But it was slower for the U.S. to catch up and make this a standard. In fact, in 1955, the Swedish automaker Volvo…show more content…
Crash research was coming to the conclusion that an inflatable airbag (often called SRS - supplemental restraint system) may assist seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Originally designed the way it is operating now, the airbag inflates rapidly during a collision providing an energy absorbing surface between the occupant and the steering wheel, instrumental panel, and headliner and windshield. It quickly deflates upon impact with a hard object or rapid deceleration. During a crash, the crash sensors provide the airbag electronic controller unit (ECU) the angle, severity of the impact and the collision type. The ECU determines whether the crash meets the criteria for deployment. Certain passenger vehicles in the early 1990’s started airbags’ integration. However, airbags still have risks. Even if an airbag consists of an airbag cushion in a flexible fabric bag, an impact sensor for its inflation module, everyone is aware of life threatening injuries to certain occupants, like small kids and frail seniors, during air bags’ inflation. Still, air bags showed good results in reducing fatal injuries in vehicular
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