Seat Belt Speech

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A. Read the passages given below and answer the accompanying questions.
1. The importance of seat belts
Choosing to wear your seat belt is a simple as choosing between life and death. A seat belt indicates the choice of safety and survival.
When you 're driving in a car that is zipping down the road, you see a pothole ahead of you. The car that you are in crashes. Your car may have been going 80 kilometres per hour. Now it has suddenly stopped. Your body, however, is still going 80 kmph. What 's going to stop your body? Will it be the windshield or your seat belt? Every time that you get into a car you make that choice.
So choose the seat belt. To avoid death or suffer serious injuries. You are much more likely to walk away unharmed from a car accident.
Wearing a seat belt does not make you invincible. You can still get hurt or killed while wearing your seat belt. But wearing them has proven to be safer than driving without them.

i. Which best expresses the author 's main purpose in writing this text?
a) To inform readers about seat belt laws
b) To persuade readers to wear seat belts
c) To entertain readers
d) To describe what car accidents are like without seat belts ii. Which best defines the word invincible as it is used in the last paragraph?
a) Rich
b) Difficult or impossible to see
c) Immortal
d) Unable to be harmed iii. Which argument is NOT made by the author?
a) Wearing a seat belt ensures safety.
b) Penalties for not wearing a seat belt should increase.
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