Seat Elevation Benefits

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Seat elevation in power mobility Vertical mobility is as important as horizontal mobility for wheelchair users and it is not always properly considered. The common system to provide the user with vertical mobility is the seat elevation system. This system makes the complete seating system to raise and lower the person in the wheelchair while keeping the seat to back and seat to floor angles, giving him or her access to multiple vertical levels. This possibility does not only have physical and functional benefits, but also the ability to actively take part in other life aspects and situations without needing help or assistance of another person, or without the risk of having injuries. Physical and Functional Benefits Using seat elevation results in reaching and accessing higher levels. This means that the user is not only able to go from point A to B, but also to easily perform…show more content…
Transferring from a higher level into a lower one while using a sliding ramp or board, will always be easier for both the wheelchair user and the carer. Once again, this will require less upper limb effort avoiding risk of injuries. Social Benefits Getting to achieve a better self-development in social environments is something a power wheelchair user can accomplish more easily by using seat elevation. The main social benefit the seat elevation provides comes together with a physical benefit. Since the user is elevated, he is able to keep eye contact with other people. This position allows for a decrease in the risk of a neck or upper back injury, not needing to stretch it repetitively to interact with them, as he does while keeping his sitting position. It also allows for better visibility, which is useful e.g. when crossing a street or driving down a crowded street safely. Considerations when choosing seat
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