Seated Boxer Visual Analysis

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‘Seated Boxer’ shows a symbol of the artistic freedom in the Hellenistic period while Donatello’s ‘David’ shows the realism during the Italian Renaissance of the 15th century. The both statues were made out of bronze. David’s’ figure expresses a softer and less muscular shape compared to ‘Seated Boxer’ body is larger and very muscular to define athletic’s strength that is so mythical and not so real (Allen, 2014). ‘David’s’ body defines few differences of realistic expressions. Firstly, he wears his military helmet and military boots while standing in a relaxed way that likely looks a little bit feminine. Even though it is odd, but the truth is the ‘David’ is a combination of male and female. ’Seated Boxer’ shows masculinity as an ideal form;…show more content…
The biggest similarity between both sculptures is the delicate detail provided to the both figures. The big muscles, tilted brow and the beaten up look of ‘Seated Boxer’s’ body shows the nature rule of human figure and the strength of the human body. ‘David’s’ lean and smaller form show the little details of the male form, and ‘David’ is very balance between confidence and strength of male with the arrogant emotional and combined part of male and female (Allen, 2014). In both the Hellenistic and early Italian Renaissance periods; the human form became a study for artists and sculptors, because of the difficulty in accurate to recreate it, so that the perfection becomes a goal to achieve by the time. Furthermore, the Greeks also find a fact that successful sculptures are those pieces that actually could imply the religion and show strength of men in both physically and mentally. In short, in both cultures; the human form is given a lot of importance. The Hellenistic Greeks thought that man was the measure of everything (Castelle, Coquinot & Bourgarit, 2016). It is the reason why most sculptures are made that treated as God as importance. In the Italian Renaissance of the 15th century, people also think the human form was beautiful, think men belong to nature so they are being capable of many things then females. ‘Seated Boxer’ and ‘David’ both express the beauty of humanity and the artistic desire to
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