Seaworld: A Short Story

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It was a beautiful place at Seaworld in Texas. Sally is a beautiful, short girl, and has short hair. Her personality is perfect. Sally liked to work there everyday. She liked killer whales since she was little girl. She went to Seaworld everyday.The people pick her so she can play with the killer whales. Her goal was to take care of killer whales for 24 hours every day and get a place to own it by herself. She and her workers took care of 30 killer whales, it is the most population in the world. The killer whales were just like her family. Seaworld had been safely caring for killer whales for nearly 50 years. She liked to swim with them a lot. Her family liked to see her every day with the killer whales. The kiler whale are black and white.…show more content…
”What?”Then he said,”I am going to start working here.”
Sally was so happy that she ran up to him and hugged him so tight. They have different killer whales but they trained them everyday. That is their favorite thing to do together. Sally worked so hard on her job.
Sally succeeded; she got a place that she can own all by herself. Sally and Ryan were happy to made their dream come true. They build it in Mexico. A lot of people were there even their own family members. They were so happy that they built a Seaworld by themselves. Many people wanted to work there, so they hired those persons. At least one of their family members wanted to work but many did not. One of Sally's sisters did not go to the grand opening. Her name was Anahi. Sally got mad but she was happy. They argued then they made up.
So Sally asked Anahi, “Do you want to work here?”
She said,”Yes I do.”
Then than the next day, Ryan’s sister wanted to work with them. They give her the job. Many people came to this wonderful place. One person made a big party in their Seaworld that they had to be there all day. One of the killer whale died so they had to close for a day or so. Many people found out about one of the killer whale dying. So they started crying. Sally was happy when she was crying. One day after they open it again, they found out one of the killer whale was going have a baby, but the killer whales had to wait for 17 months to have their baby. Many people found out about it so they spread out the
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