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For years people have been captured by the beauty and grace of Orca whales. SeaWorld is a big reason for this love to watch the whales before. There they have designated time slots where the whales and trainers come out and perform a show with several jumps as well as the animals will spray the surrounding audience. The whales and their trainers form a bonds with certain whales not all the whales get along with a person. A trainer from SeaWorld described it as signs that the whale would show to a certain person. She also noted that whales will act noticeably different with certain people (Lee). However these are still wild animals and are completely unpredictable. People all over are now protesting that the whales be out of captivity or at least stop having shows. Protest have been a contributing factor for ending the shows around the globe. Joel Manby, chief executive of SeaWorld is finally starting to listen. Recently it has been decided that the whale shows will be ending in the San Diego show. Joel said the reason for this is a direct response from SeaWorld's viewers, many have stated their desire to…show more content…
A physical appearance that becomes a result of being held in captivity is all the orcas have a collapsed dorsal fin, this is a result of the orcas being so close to the surface of the water all the time this only happens in 1% of the wild orcas (The Fate of Captive Orcas). These orcas are used to having endless areas to roam and swim but when they are captive they are limited to small boxed areas. Another fallback to orcas being held in captivity is in the wild males on average live to 30 with a max of 60, while females on average live up to 46 with a max of 90 but with SeaWorld’s orcas 92% die by the age of 25 (The Fate of Captive Orcas). Although it may seem like they have it better in captivity it doesn’t better them in the long

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