Seaworld Captive Behavior Analysis

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Orcas were not the only animals at SeaWorld exhibiting aggressive behavior. Several instances have been documented in which dolphins have acted aggressively to both a SeaWorld trainer and SeaWorld patrons. According to USA Today’s article, “Captive animals ' attack on trainers and public” dolphins have engaged in aggressive behavior. “In 2000 a dolphin entangled a trainer in a net, spun her around and held her underwater during a dolphin capture exercise. The trainer suffered three factures and torn ligaments in her right arm. California’s OSHA investigated and fined the park $375. SeaWorld responded by changing the procedures for such exercises”. In 2006 two patrons were bit by dolphins at the Dolphin Cove exhibit. A dolphin bit a boy at the petting attraction while under the supervision of a SeaWorld Employee. Three weeks prior to this incident a six year old boy was also bitten at the same Dolphin Cove exhibit. OSHA did not present SeaWorld with a citation because no employees were injured in either situation. SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides responded to the dolphin attack by stating that no changes would be made to the exhibit. The most recent incident involving a dolphin biting a patron occurred in 2012. According to CBS News article, “Girl Bitten While Feeing Dolphin at…show more content…
SeaWorld has received numerous citations from OSHA for safety violations. Since 2007, SeaWorld has received more than eight major citations for safety violations involving: dangerous flooring, expired surgical sutures, failing to install a stairway railing system on one side of a stadium stage, failing to maintain performance platforms in a safe condition, and failure to put weatherproof enclosures over outdoor electrical receptacles, the statement said. In response to these violations, the SeaWorld continues to contests stating that its internal reviews reached a different

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