Seaworld: The Most Important Things People Are Doing To Animals

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Thousands of animals are killed every day, and hardly anybody's doing anything about it. In Seaworld they are making all their animals depressed and the enclosures are way too small. The same thing is happening in zoos. Dog fighting and animal abuse is also a huge problem that we need to fix as soon a possible. The things that people are doing to animals are just cruel and unfair we need to stop this right now.

Let's start with Seaworld. First off, the killer whales that they have are supposed to travel 75 miles a day. They are in such small prisons that they can't swim that much. They take them from swimming 75 miles a day to less than 30 miles a day in a cycle. Imagine you run in circles for people for the rest of your life. Zoos do the
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The breeders just make money off of animals and they don't even have to keep them in that good of conditions. Also what is the point of getting exotic animals? Like tiger, bears and big ones like that. It is unfair and unsafe for the animals I don't see why people can buy animals that need a lot of space but they give them like none. There needs to be a way to guarantee animal's space. If you're not a Zookeeper, and just a person, you should not have those animals.

What kind of person gets entertainment from animals getting hurt and fighting? How sick do you have to be to do that to dogs what is going through their minds? I think that whatever the owners did to their animal, should happen to them. This is a big problem and people are getting away with it much too often.

The conclusion to all of this, is that we need to do something and do it now. We also need to make people accountable for the things they have done, not let them get away with this stuff. We need to stop buying animals from breeders or buying exotic animals with no space, and try to make a change. Zoos and aquariums also need to be stopped. It's not too late to make a

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